My love of business and art have gone hand in hand, and led me in to exploring many different arenas.

Growing up in a highly creative family, I have had the opportunity to try a variety of different creative expressions. I began developing my talent for photography and film production in my teens. Working on 2 BBC films one on global warming, the second on business and sustainability; from 1995 on I been a photographer for the annual "State of the World Forum".

My photographic work has involved extensive travel and research in the realms of color theory, The Devic realms, Fairies and Emotional Intelligence, currently being translated into a book and DVD. Its expression has taken the form of 'giving body' to the unseen.

Along side this, I began my business career at the age of 19, when I started my own company importing health food products. This led to my participation and co-founding of various different companies, in the sustainable living arenas. Culminating in a retail expo in America called "Wholelife Expo"

I have also been extensively involved in the field of emotional intelligence, from the development of children's TV, to books and workbooks. As well as co-founding F.E.E.L, the foundation for education in emotional intelligence.

I co-created and executive produced, "Awearness" an eco-fashion show that brought together 27 designers from around the US.

I have most recently launched the first of a series of festivals called "Union of the Kingdoms" a exhibition/live art and music event, that combines ritual and celebration. The central theme being my photographic artwork.
All Photographs © 2003 Rowan Gabrielle