I believe as artists, we stand at the due line of reality, looking over the edge to that which is beyond our current experience. That which is, as of yet, unknown to our world, our time in history. With our art we try to bring some of what we see back, to be able to share it with an evolving world.
My art is born of my spirituality, seeded from images or feelings I have experienced in a meditation, dream or vision.

Creativity is where the spiritual truths I believe in come alive. It is where they go from being amazing theories into understanding and knowing - they become my own.

Through out the images on this website I have tried to personify energies or realms that affect us deeply, yet are for the most part invisible to us (such as devas and fairies), in the hope of creating a deeper relationship with these energies for my self and for my world.

Each image is first seen in my minds eye. Whether it be inspired by walking through a forest, passing by glens that exude fairy energy to the point that I can just see them there, or be it on travels through foreign countries that touch me in some way.

"Your world is your mirror, you are the most important statement you can make."

Rowan Gabrielle

All Photographs © 2003 Rowan Gabrielle