I began my business career at the age of 19, when I started my own company importing cutting edge superfoods from the US to UK (Spirulina etc). This led to my participation and co-founding a variety of different companies, in the sustainable living arena. Culminating in the ownership and management of a consumer expo in America called "The Wholelife Expo and Conferences".

My Long term dream is creating communities that are inspired by living systems. A community that applies the core concepts of Sacred Commerce through an inhouse, community owned business incubator. A community that supports the abundance and awakening of its members. In the meantime we are creating community wherever we live:)

Specialties: Emotional Literacy, Emotional Alchemy, Sacred Commerce, Eco-Fashion, (Organic Leather design), and Executive producer of events.
Other Talents include: PR, marketing, metaphysics, Space clearing, Crystals, animal communication/co-creation, and Feng Shui. Check our Business incubator Aytopia.com for more on what we do these days :)

Growing up in a highly creative family, I began working with photography and film production in my teens. Working on 2 BBC films, 'Prophets and Loss' and 'Green bucks' - one on environmental threats, the second on business and sustainability. From 1995 - 2000 I was the portrait photographer for the annual "State of the World Forum"

I am an early pioneer and promoter of the Eco-Fashion movement, co-creating and executive producing, "Awearness", one of the 1st ever eco-fashion shows that brought together 27 designers from around the US in 2001, and "Eco-Petal' in LA in 2006.

I also launched a series of festivals called 'Union of the Kingdoms', an exhibition/live art and music event that combines ritual and celebration, inspired by sharing my artwork, and the artistry of others- we have had 4 to date, 1 in the UK, 3 in the USA.
All Photographs © 2003 Rowan Gabrielle